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A Comparative Effectiveness Research Study

Comparing outcomes of women receiving enhanced models of
group prenatal care and individual prenatal care


The EMBRACE study will compare:

  • 1,300 women who receive individual prenatal care with the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (to the extent it is offered by the provider). 

  • 1,300 women who receive group prenatal care, through Glow! Group Prenatal Care and Support. 

  • The study will take approximately four years to complete.


We will invite patients at participating practices to join the study.  If they agree to participate they must be willing to be assigned to either comparator or enhanced prenatal care and must be eligible, as determined by their due date and financial qualifications.


Participants will complete two questionnaires during their pregnancy and one 3 months following delivery, in addition to sharing medical record data on birth outcomes.


Participants and providers are not able to determine which of the enhanced prenatal care models or comparators women join. This is critical to the study design to ensure accuracy in the data we collect! 

Assignment to the comparators is based on due dates and the provider's pre-assigned schedule for offering the comparators and is determined only after women have consented to the study and completed a questionnaire.

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